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The Turds

Be prepared for The Turds and the fun filled comedic friends that you’ll find in their collection. These little critters are creations of pure and disgusting humour, manufactured for your own enjoyment and to bring you all a little bit of joy. They are known as ‘gifts for all’, as long as you take them with a pinch of salt. Definitely not what you’d want to give someone as a serious or formally styled present, these little figurines are quirky and come in a wide range of brilliant and well thought out ideas.  The Turds collection is always expanding and being edited to ensure that new friends can join the family, and old ones can become limited figures or even ‘flushed’ from the shelves.

Essentially The Turds are unique and comedic collectables, perfect for those of us with a cracking sense of humour and a knack for individual and bizarre items. If you’re a fan of the peculiar and find yourself a tiny bit wacky, then this collection could be the one for you! Some of their designs even suit and can pose as film or music memorabilia, but with an obvious twist. Their most popular figures have become known worldwide amongst the collectable community and have now started to increase in their worth. If you’re repulsed by toilet humour then The Turds most certainly aren’t for you. Screaming out to not be taken seriously, the creators and figurines themselves are all in good fun. Ultimately, we would class them as alternative items with their main aim and job consisting of banter and harmless jesting. The Turds themselves have actually managed to generate a lot of interest and they now have their own online community, on a site called ‘Talkin Turds’. Fans can get together to discuss their figurines, buy new ones and even check prices of older models. This site also provides a forum style addition, where collectors can come and show off their selections. The Turds are an exclusive and light hearted collectable trend, which contain artistic and hilarious items for all who are interested.



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Shit Driver
  Part of the Toilet Mafia TURD Family - Turd Award Driver  The Driver&n..
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