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After countless hours of looking around the web for the perfect gaming chair we realised that the offering in the AUS was almost non-existent. A few relatively boring and basic models on amazon, some smaller independent stores, few reviews, many items out of stock. Who to trust? After all, some gadgets are relatively complex and sellers tend to overstate performance. 

We had to take matters into our own hands: we tried out a bunch of models straight from several manufacturers in China to identify the perfectly curated selection for us and for our like-minded customers. After (more than) a few disappointing orders we now have organised the most awesome and highest quality gadgets that won't break your bank.
Now we are Australia's biggest retailer for all ranges of gadgets. Buy with confidence and assurance that you know you're getting the best price and the best customer support guaranteed. 
We are 100% Australian owned and operated, working with the best suppliers. We pride ourselves on our customer service making you sure we are there every step of the way.
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